Seemingly large books about poker

books about poker

Another palette of books that create problems is seemingly large books, but can be very easily dominated. However, many tend to overvalue books like AS-J, AS-10, K-Q, K-J, K-10, Q-J, Q-10 or J-10 and frequently invest more than the case.

To what dangers do you expose yourself

books  about poker

The main problem that rises when you have such hands on poker is related to position. If you are in cut-off or hijack, it is assumed that you could pay a small raise, possibly from a Loose player, because the percentages may be on your side or at least to go to 50%-50 %.

Instead, from outside the position, to the extent that you are given a raise, you should be much more careful and think twice before paying. Beyond the fact that the opponent may have a hand at least as good, you expose you to a later re-ray, which will make the pot too expensive in comparison with the probability of leaving a favorite. Obviously, it’s hard to let go of an A-Q in the Middle Position in front of a single aggressor, but you have to look at everything with much more reserve. Do your best (possibly with a Bocking Bet) to keep the pot as small as possible after the flop, because otherwise you might wake up losing a lot of sheets.

The basic idea from which you have to leave is that you will not be able, over time, to earn too many big pots with such hands, but you will be extremely vulnerable many times. As such, the reward (benefits)/failure ratio is not one to rent.

Let’s take an example: you go on the road with K-J ofSuited, and on a K-6-2 flop (with two strokes) you can hardly say that you are in front. Feel the need for a considerable raise so you throw a color draw (or make his owner pay very expensive to see the next street), but you know very well you can be beaten by K-q, a-K, not to stop We are talking about the possible two poker pairs, but also about sets (less likely). As such, you will be in a situation far from being ideal, with a number of questions that you can give a 100% valid answer. Prudence must in this case be the word, because otherwise the risk is too high.

When to play them

books  about poker

Some clarifications must be made in terms of these hands poker. You can be a little more aggressive and braver to the extent that they are of the same color (suite). Thus, you will have a much better opportunity to pull in color, which will add some percentage to the probability that before the flop you have the best hand.

Secondly, as far as you are at a short-hand game (6 or fewer players), problem poker hands should not be considered so. Having far fewer opponents, the chances of being in front, to have the best book grow exponentially; Thus, these hands, which are generally bringing the troubles when nine players are at the table, can now be found founded big hands.

Another exception takes into account the general framework in which the action takes place: the moment of the tournament, your stack (you can risk such hands with a very large or small stack -push all -in -but as far as you need to grow Naturally, it would be good to be much more cautious) or how late, respectively the opponents are.

Even so, do not forget that the hands on poker discussed are far enough to be some premium in a game with 8 other opponents, so do not throw yourself at substantial bets unless you are sure that there are high chances that the pot will belong to you. Otherwise, in the long term, you will find that your stack and budget will suffer.

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