All about megaways type slots – what are they, and where we can play

megaways type slots

The Igaming industry is in continuous development, especially when we talk about the online environment. This is being seen more and more in the portfolios of virtual operators in us in the country, which diversifies their offers with an increasing range of games with increasing constructions.

Among the tricks that are passed in the category of “special” are most often the megays securities. So, you’ve probably noticed this name on many video slots. It does not mark a series, but a special feature that the title has.

In the following lines you will have this feature, but also numerous examples, recommendations, which you can consider when you want to get out of the comfort zone. Keep in mind that in gambling it is good to have a balanced activity, that is to invest moderately, in a correct ratio compared to your safe income. This must be respected regardless of the specifications that the title you choose!

What are megaways tricks?

megaways type slots

“Megaws” is a term that you will only meet when it comes to video slots because it is a modifier applied to the rollers. This system replaces the payment lines that can only reach up to a few tens, with tens of hundreds of thousands of winning possibilities.

Online tries of this kind have a special technical feature, through which in each round, a variable number of symbols, which have different dimensions, appear on the matrix. Thus, there is much more likely to gain, through the classic combinations, on payment lines, or even through the most modern, cluster type.

As you will see in the continuation of this article, there are many other cases of this kind. Even if the megaways seems quite complex, it does not affect how you work. He is a modifier that aims to increase your chances of winning, but that does not mean that you have guaranteed prizes!

So, even if you try your luck at the megakes, regardless of the provider who created the title, play responsible!

Why try video slots megaways?

megaways type slots

First of all, Megaways mechanics make the gameplay much more intense. Games that have this construction are more exciting, bring more adrenaline and, most often, have many other attractive elements, such as functions or mini-games that can be triggered.

Secondly, Megaways cheat come with more chances of winning. Because on Matrix there is a variable number of symbols, some smaller, some larger, the opportunities to get a prize are much higher. Thus, in the case of titles that have Paylines, we reach up to 117649 payment lines or more. By default, the value of the maximum payout increases, which can reach tens or hundreds of thousands.

Third, the monotony pales considerably from the lives of gamblers who choose megaways. Even though the video slot has a slightly more classic theme, as is the case of the Shining King Megawes from IsoftBet, the Matrix has an atypical format as a devices. It comes with extremely attractive specifications, such as the increased RTP, 117,649 payment lines and a maximum profit of 37,500x the value of your stake.

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