Play low risk online slots: what do you need to know when you play at the fools?

risk online slots

Read this article if you are passionate about video slots, but you are not willing to allocate or lose significant amounts.

Online slots or tricks, as these gambling are called “popular”, attract more and more players in recent years, but few of them try to understand how it works. Most are attracted to the graphics of a particular game or its special functions, but they do not realize that the slots are differentiated from other more important aspects, when they decide which of them to rely on.

Slots can be an extremely pleasant way to spend your time, but the “magic” suddenly disappears when you realize how much you have lost or that you bet more than you initially wanted. That is why it is important to have a strategy when you play online slots, even if we talk about a hobby and games where luck plays the most important role.

If you are passionate about slots, but you do not want to allocate too much of this fun, find out that there are ways to extend your fun to relatively low costs.

Reduced risk without high risk to online tricks

risk online slots

We talked in many articles about what the Payout represents in the tricks and we know that it varies, in online slots, between 90% and 98%. However, the payout determines, at large, your chances of winning in the long term and not necessarily how each session will run, as you can win at a single rotation or how quickly you will catch a special (free spins, bonuses , etc.).

The most important aspect when we are interested in the result of each session is that of the risk assumed or, more correctly, the variation of each separate slot.

By variation or volatility we mean both the frequency with which the game gives free winnings, bonuses or spins, but the value of these prizes. A low risk or small variation game will give more often earnings, but they will be quite small, while one with a large variation can consume your budget in record time, but at the same time it can bring you a huge earnings from a single rotation.

If, for example, you have played hundreds of spins and you have not taken the special function of the game, it is very likely that it is not just bad luck. You are probably engaged in a game with a large variation, which can keep you in “waiting” long periods of time, but which can compensate with a massive win when you trigger the bonus function.

The variation (volatility) of a slot has nothing to do with the slot payout. A 97% Payout game can also be one with a large or small variation, as well as a 93% payout slot.

To make it clearer, a slot with a low variation (low risk) will give more often small and medium earnings, while a high variation slot (high risk) will grant in particular small earnings, but also very high earnings. This does not mean that at a small variation slot you can not win an important amount, but only that this will happen less rarely.

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