How do you know if the chosen slot has high or small risk

chosen slot

Unfortunately, although most online casinos display the payout of each slot, players do not have information on the volatility (variation) of the chosen game.

The safest way you can find out in which category each game enters is by playing it and noticing how often they give winnings and bonuses, but also their value. It is not mandatory to do these tests by relying money from your budget, because the casinos also offer the possibility to play on virtual money (Play Money) and it is advisable to take advantage of this facility.

If you notice, for example, that you trigger the free rotations relatively often (a few tens of spins), but the earnings generated by the special function fall between 20 times and 50 times the stake. . In contrast, if hundreds of spins pass without triggering free spins and when you start to generate a 50, 100 -time win or even more, the slot is probably one with a big variation.

Another method by which you can figure out what category each slot enters is to follow the payment table for each symbol.

If you notice big differences between winnings (for example, prizes for three consecutive symbols are much smaller than the stake, and those for four or five consecutive premium symbols are 10 times higher or more), then the slot is most likely with one with Large variation. The reason? You will often record insignificant gains, for three consecutive symbols, but you will compensate in which you will catch the rarer combinations, with significant winnings. The problem is that, often, you do not get to catch these combinations or special because your budget is extremely fast in a series of losing rotations.

If there are no big differences between earnings and minimum earnings are not well below your stake, then you have a small or medium variation slot.

Advantages and disadvantages of small variation slots

chosen slot

The main advantage of low variation slots (low risk) is that you allow longer game sessions, and the fun will be tailor -made, as you will start the special functions more often (free spins, bonus games, etc.)

The main purpose of gambling should be fun, and losing large amounts of money is certainly not fun. With the same amount of money you can play for hours at a small version slot, as opposed to a large variation slot where you can “clean” in a few minutes.

Of course, the chances of catching a “special” that will bring you 500 times the amount stuck to these slots is lower, but that does not mean you cannot get notable winnings. And at these games you will catch the “free spins” (free spins) more often than those with high variation.

If you are satisfied with small profits, sometimes insensitive, and you want to play more time, then these slots are the perfect option. And these games allow you even bigger stakes because the risk of losing everything is very fast.

The obvious disadvantage of slots with a small variation is that it will happen much less rarely to give the “blow”, to get a huge win in a single rotation. Many players choose the slots precisely because they have the chance at a single rotation to turn a few lei into several hundred or even thousands of lei. However, you need to know that this will happen extremely rarely.

It is right and that it can become boring to play for hours a small version slot, where frequent and small earnings are not felt, but if you think cold and the good of your budget it is much better to be able to constantly play small amounts than to -You risk all the money in your account for a profit that may or may not come to that session.

The slot you can choose how much you want to risk: “Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild”

chosen slot

A new game available in Unibet Casino is trying to please all players and offers a new feature for online slots. The “Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild” slot, made by Netent, gives us the opportunity to choose, at the time of free spins, if we want frequent and lower earnings or high winnings, with a high risk.

The online slot “Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild” is a game with 1024 winning lines, in which the “free spins” feature is launched relatively often, by the appearance of three or more “scatter” symbols.

When you trigger the “Free Spins” function you have to make two decisions that can determine the amount won. First of all you have to choose if you want “big earnings” or “frequent earnings”.

Then you have to choose the number of free spins granted, between 4 and 20, and each option also has a symbol. Thus, if you choose the minimum number of free spins (4), you will have the most powerful symbol in the game (tiger), while the maximum number of free spins (20) comes with the lowest premium symbol (cobra ).

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